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Saturday, January 19, 2013


hey readers,

emm what to talk about today? yes, my girlfriends. new friends that i found here in KEDAH. hehe, they are lovely sweet and loud. haha, they talk to much and laugh to hard. we talk about past, present and future together and we cried instantly together. some part of it, we share everything too such hobbies, interest fashion and boyfriend. ehh? TAK TAK semua dah single mingle lah. haha :D so do crazy things and let our memories created each seconds and days. im soo lovin' it thou.

so now let me introduce youuuuuu HERE COMES TROUBLEEE haha. tapi, KAK QILA takda, cause dia tak suka amik gamba Haihh haihh. thats it for now, bye

 (: smile for good.

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