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Thursday, July 25, 2013


hai blogger, its been again huh? haha. nak cerita tu banyak la juga tapi tak semua nak dicerita kan. sikit2 tu boleh laa. anyway, kita buat flow chart dulu yaa before nak cerita. first thing first this is my 2year of degree and getting to the end. next semester is my last semester then practical. but wondering nak practical kat penang, macam syiok saja. heh :D okay here goes the story line [ study -> life -> friends -> pet -> and yaa him ]

study? was fine, subject getting tougher than i thought but managed well to endure it. but seems difficult to face that next semester ada 8 subject nak kena tempuh. pheww hopefully im doing good. wish me luck! Uitm Merbok okay laa, takda la cowboy town sangat kan since dah dekat setahun duduk merbok but for me i think merbok and sg petani still boleh hidup laa. not too strict and environment goes well perfect for me. kadang2 study tu terganggu juga since yaa entertainment banyak dekat sg petani. you name it, semua ada. macam mana nak really concentrate. haih. plus, sg petani dengan penang? ONE HOUR, please dont judge. if you stand on my feet, mustahil uolls tak pergi penang yang dekat nak mampozz tu. HAHA :D since now tengah cuti semester, i wasnt really on the holiday cause im on my intersession program for 5weeks. econo econo, tak boleh lagi senang ke? hm berserah. sorry, okay thats all for my studies.

now, life? hmm doing good but sometimes yaa life like a circle round tyre or whatever you called it. sometimes di atas, and sometimes di bawah. bila sakit, kita tahu dengan siapa kita cari. jangan lupa diri, itu saja :) meantime, i just follow what goes in front of my eyes. i made mistakes and terrible mistakes ate me back. we lost what we called trust and dignity. no matter how, dont give a damn on those because its your life. you decide what best for you. correct? if we cried in blood tears, it wont turn back time. hopefully things get better days by day, insyaAllah.

what now, oh friends? haha. kak qila praktikal and now she finished her studies. so, only left me mimi and dida. since we have new housemate things get wilder. anis kaneh, heh cute kan? kaneh bising, dida macam chipsmore and mimi hmmm mother in law dia tu. bakal mewarisi perangai ummi dia heh. another two new housemates, imah and effa. both of them orang penang so jarang2 la jumpa. weekend saja, lesap. biasalah. so, mimi anis and i yang always bitching dalam rumah. dida, hehe dia sedang dilamun cintaaa ;p sorry baby. wish you happiness yaa. we contacted everyday every hour to make some stupid jokes and tease each other, life's fun huh?

hehe last one, pet? okay okay sorry dulu sebab i adopted new kitty. nama dia stripey. i adopted dia from clinic cause mommy dia taknak dia. kesian kan? stripey ada abang tapi doc clinic tu dah adopted. so i took stripey. manja, flawless, nakal teramat and yaa stubborn -__-" lawan taukeee. but what i loves the most, bila nak masuk tidur saja, he knows when im going to sleep so he get into the room and sleep with me. lampu tutup saja, laju dia masuk bilik. if i study lewat malam, mula la naik atas meja study lepastu tidur atas my paperwork. mengada2 ajak tidur dalam bilik. darn that boy huh! so cute.

oh there's another one? him. thanks for everything :)

(: smile for good.

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