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Thursday, November 8, 2012

new beginning

hey bloggers,
its been a while AGAIN i haven't update so now i started w Bismillah. okay, currently im continuing my studies at UITM Kedah, Merbok aka Melbourne yaww. HAHA yeah i know sounds silly kan? anyway, im taking Bachelor in Business Economics. hmm, yupp boring but i can shot my head w one bullet. ughhh! luckily im free all the time. why? less assignment lot test and quizzes.

so im staying outside or rumah sewa yupp first time in my life. 3 years duduk kolej and now kena survive like sendiri. oh my, mmg sick lagi2 homeSICKKKK! feeling everyday i wanna go back home, missing my mom dad sister and brother ohh not forget i have one handsome kitty "gary". i miss all of them GOSH!

next, my housemate :) lovely roomate is KAK QILA ; which is sooo lovely and caring extra love love love and loveee :D dia jaga and always be my listener 24/7 thank you Kak Qila. 2nd SAKA of mine is ADIDA SUHAIMI. shes like my sticker wherever i go. shes quite busy. shes marketer and of crs alot of stuff need to be done in a short time. best of luck syg. and she just bought new car WXL. haha, mine WVW dah takda org pandang but haritu baru lepas wax+vacuum+wash=WVW extra polish. HAMIKKK KAU :D back to back, mimi and kak fasha :) mimi from terengganu but stayed at bangsar and kak fasha from ipoh perak. lovely that i have them as my houzeeeemates seems they can get along w me! HAHA. yupp i know im such wild and nakal nakal but theres nothing gonna swing our line.

okay what next, roomate dah kereta dah rumah dah study pun dah.

yeahhhh! food food food food :D kedah here is sooo like food heaven, everything and every kind of food comes w very cheap price I LIVE MY LIFE HERE MAN (thumbs up). one of my favorite is selera atap. special bout it, okay first thing first ikan bakar fixed RM3.50 like whattt mana nak dapat wehh? haha. air sirap served free and refill bhai. and another thing selalu sgt cepat sold out UGHH okay thats it buat sakit bila cerita lagi.

its late and im tired since im busy this week so many things to catch up with. semua nya hancusss and i kinda feel so dumby in the class. hmm thank god that i have people around me who always support and create the best way to cheer me up THANK YOUUU MI AMOR :*

thank you see yah again, good night love.

(: smile for good.

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