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Saturday, May 19, 2012


its been a while i haven't update my blog but this does not mean im away from blogging guys :)) i miss my blogging time my friends and tell everyone what imma up to. awhhhh! so funnn :D bhaha. okay mula-mula  nak cerita yang currently im working with my parents at SK. my parents restaurant is AL-Raudah Arabian Foos. Lai Lai :) Mai lahh rasa nasi arab special mak i masakkk lah you. HAHAHAHA. Pasti nak lagi, air tangan mak pulokkk. yang pasti kerja lepas habis diploma nih is fetch my little brother and sister from school and be 24hours driver for them. exactly the car that they gave me actually with reason ehhh. haha. mama kata : itulahhhh, nak drive sgt kann. amikk! pi antaq and amik adik2 balik sekolah. senang skit kerja mama. and i was like ssssiiiiggghhh -_-" me : yesss maaa!

(: smile for good.

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