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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

i don't know whos fault it is );

it's been a while i haven't update this. since cokot already storied bout CAMERON (last trip we went) with my love one and friends and cengeng also keep asking me to update. HAHA

first, many had happen these days. friends, family, love and work. sometimes it's hurt but i kinda like it cause it challenge me to face the future. everyone have their moment to be happy and sad. also mine, where i cried and laughed everyday with my friends which i don't know am i happy or not. sometimes, we need to realizes what comes around goes around same as people saying the quotes .. 'today, you smile and happy but one day, you will cry and sad'. and, that what i'm to do these week. i would love to end this miserable thinking. but, i'm stuck to stop it. PLEASEEE LAH!

come to that part, keep telling we are the one who hurt them but nevertheless, i hurt too. do they feel that? do they face that? NOO! i know BFF means BUDDY FOR FOREVER. all people do have their best relationship. i have good friends. they have good friends. done with that and i think its enough to show me what's make you HAPPY (: goooood.

for a good reason, i let go. FULLSTOP. till this world end i will never think for it. chase or wtv they called it. for my past that i done wrong which make anyone feel discomfort, i'm sorry. people make mistake. starting today, a good friends will see what the good or bad in their friends, they know how to judge and describe their friends. okay. thats for today (:
i love you husna, nadia, tushee and semua girls yg rapat dgn i okay?

(: smile for good.

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