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Thursday, May 26, 2011

im not good enough, im sorry.

sometimes people do make mistakes. big or less will never care. even i make mistakes. to my family, friends, bf and also myself. however, i never regret what i have now. i'm so much happy like before. i managed to control myself without any outside concern. except when i get scold by my mom or my bf. HAHA (: silly me. yeahh. i know.

this is the started when someone don't have the confident onwards me. i know i'm not rich. i know i'm not pretty. and i know i'm just simple and normal girl-next-door. people knew that and i'm happy for what i really am. thanks god for giving me chances to prove who was i am to these freaks out there. i don't have money to to buy something bigger or luxuries but i will buy it with honesty. that's more important. i do realize that i'm just being selfish if i let people believe that i have everything but actually they are wrong. i am lonely. busy is the common word in my life. i am very lazy. i'm lazy to think what's gonna happens next. they want everything from me but does they know how hard to catch that? i'm simply don't understand sometimes who am i.

what a tragedies when they said i'm not liable to give or to have something special to others. i'm very disappointed to that statement. am i that low-honored? oh. i see that you have everything that i don't but i do still have self-respected and dignity, i won't loose that forever. how big i cry, i will not changed anything. i know. bad thought will be over flying in their mind. i'm sorry to say this how stupid i am right now cause heard that from you. you are the most important thing living in my life and i swear that i won't let you down. i promise. i love you.

(: smile for good.

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