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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

hello to my new lovely CONNECTION !

hey guys (: i have a story where i begin with these lovely relationship from them. im new to them maybe not much as good as my baby old girlfriend. anyway, i knew them a bit. experiences and talks teach us to be more matured and open in future. right guys? haha. not wasting your boredom to read my talks now i will start my post >.< HAHAHAHAH

this is ASYRAF a.k.a acapan (where i used to call him) and his lovely and sweet girl ZIRA a.k.a ZARA. Hahaha :D kidding. acap is nayim's best friend forever life. he's very caring person and understanding. nayim said lahhh :) HAHA. of crs i don't you in deep kn acap? his girl also sweet and charm. i met her couple times. she quite quiet girl. ye ke acap? i rasa dia nih cheeky. HAHA :D anyway, they both are very nice and kind to me. thank youu. as you know, acap is now at ITALY >.< damnn (jealous tauu) living with his sister. vacation bak kata dia. okay. apadahall. poor zira. how could she stand love distance like that. she's strong and thats so cool. gooooo zira! hehe. jangan rindu rindu tauu (: im sure acap lagi rindu you gilerrrr kat sana. thanks guys for being a good friend to nayim and me. hehe (: NEXTT,

hah! mamat nihhh. damnnnnn (i wanna kill him cause he stoled my boyfie one whole day!) grrrr. kauu tggu ehhh. HAHA (: his name is SAIFUL AZMI a.k.a epul/paklah. he's nice actually it just suka sangat sakat i. haihhhhhh -..- anyway, tak penah jumpa dia lagi pn. just talk talk dlm phone. tp, membakar2 jugak cakap dgn dia nih. he's very naughty! suka kacau i dengan nayim. epul epul. YOU MADU I >> FACE IT DUDE!! hahahah :D suka suka. anyway, nice talking to you that day. i can't stop laughing. he's sooooooo funny meh! thanks epull.

mr. and mrs. perfect (: SAIFUL AMIR and HIS PRETTY GF a.ka K.MIRA (told by acap just now). wah wah wah. diam-diam ubi berisi yehh (: this is also nayim's bestie! they had been friends since school age. so close and close along with acap. big clap for themmm! i knew amir just for 2 times met. one, at mamak when i went to surprise nayim. that time he said i garang. HAHA :D mana ada amir. i blur time tuh. mmg mcm tuh. plus bengang skit dgn nayim. HAHA. *sorry bubu. 2nd, another surprised for my bubu sbb nak amik barbican kt mama. then, i met amir dlm kete. we all hantar dia kat gym (: body builder dia skg. baguihhhhh. boleh angkat k.mira. senang. HAHAHAHA :D he's nice and tak byk ckp sgt dgn i. its okay (: actually, i never meet amir's gf. i just heard her stories from nayim. so, i dont know what to tell bout her. as far i know, she's excellent student. am i right amir? anyway, i wish all the best for you guys!

now, the end of the stories, here's come to me and my heartbubu (: hahaha. no much to tell anything cause you know everything. ilovehim. fullstop. *who cares baby, i think i wanna marry youuuu <3

tagged : us + acapzira + amirmira + epullllll <33

(: smile for good.

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