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Monday, September 12, 2011


dear Cokot Neddy, we met on __th july which our first class together. i remember where you like to laugh, ponteng kelas, singing, mengumpat, kaki tgk wayang and so on. after that we're went to part 2, which we're not so close in deed but you still contact me further for everything. it's sweet when you remember my birthday which nobody does and you gave friendship bracelet. i was crying when i open the box inside my car and mama said : that's what best friend do <3 , we turn up to part 3 where we have been so away like one block far. its okay thou cause you still visiting me in my room on weekend. you cried when you had to leave me alone but its okay sayang cause that's the time i met him. its on part 4 where my room in front of urs somehow we are room mates actually. its okay, i do love you still. we had a great time! la la la :D ! haha. now its our part 5, our love keep stronger even we sometime having the bad times. for most of our memories, tears, laugh and time together i will never forget even its small like dust. precious person like you are very rarely found in the earth no matter how small you are but you still there with us and stay big. today is September 12, 2011 which i late 13 days to wish you Happy Birthday <3 ! May your dream come true and blessed. Me > Ku Aini, Nurul Husna, Natasha Faizulika, and others really loves you. sorry for everything and thanks for lean me your shoulder when i really needed most.
(: smile for good.

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