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Monday, August 22, 2011

3 common.

start with a word FRIEND.

the definition of friend is people surround us who interact directly with us impulse and commonly tide with meaning of close each other. some individual doesn't admitted a friend some kinda like we talked about but they says friend is only a person we know 5 secs and that will defines them.

next we cattle with SUCCESS.

what success does mean? directly it considered as a type achievement we grab with our mind and efforts. yes, do they who keep copying people or mumbling something they don't know.. was that included as success? NOO!! c'mon guys. this is millennium era and we're getting more smart and educated with our own way.

LOVE. is it a word?

take an example : we never knew each other. we never intend to be together. but, bcause of love grab us together make us feel need each other :D

(: smile for good.

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