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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

what is going on thouu?

yelah, i know i'm not good as much as you but c'mon please respect some others priority to lived lahh. wasn't that good enough to be good person at one time? what the hell is going on these days? no such things can be difficult if we won't running to difficult decision. i agreed to some others saying that don't judge the book by the way how it looks but i don't look at it cover but the circumstances made me felt discomfort and the decision was very unreasonable. this is new era life, but the way been acted doesn't looked like you are king enough. euww~ SO PATHETIC! i'm sorry to say this, don't controlled me or anyone cause you are not my type to be good and well. SORRY, step out from my door cause you are LISTLESS!

(: smile for good.

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