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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a pet !

im thinking to have kittens as my pet (:

i'm alone when my family are really busy. even my adik abang too. they have their own space to invent so i'm just by myself do nothing and i want a friend. kitten? awwwww. thats so cute. this kitten officially face in sleepy. aren't they so cuteeeee. geram lahhh!

next, if i'm not considered to take kittens, my hubby loves sugar glider. its cute and MANJAAAA "bak kata nayim" aww aww aww (: sukaaanya!

BUTTTT, when sugar glider getting old, dia takkan manja lagi. in addition dia boleh terbang mcm supermannn. fuyyo! memang hebat rupanya sugar glider. some people said, nak bela sugar glider ni, kene amik masa kecik2. 2 - 3 months at less. bila dah besar, it quite kasar. so, for those really in love dgn creature nih, observe dulu what kinda it is. okayy? (:

(: smile for good.

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